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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We are Still Here!

Skye helping out with the paper work.

Yes, apologies for the lack of recent posts, we are working hard with all our dogs and dealing with paper work!

But we've got a lot to share though! So lets start with some pictures of the Band Members in action!

Left to Right: Bertie & Basie, Benji, Bonnie and Mortimer & his friend

And where would we be without a short clip or two, so here's Bonnie and a new member Ruby going for walks with Hilary!

Finally we've had Hotel Bruff has been busy, we've had big boy Buster for the past two weeks and a special night for Rudi with Thumper! So let's start off with Buster with the Girls!

Happy Time!

Sleepy Time.

Two different Labradors, same sleeping position.

Next up is Rudi and his night with Thumper!

King of the Couch.

Mid afternoon nap time for the pug.
And here's the video you would have been waiting for, Rudi saying hello to Thumper!

So we hope that keeps you all busy for now, we'll make sure to get back on to our regular schedule!

Red eagerly awaiting more updates!

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