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Monday, 30 May 2011

Praise for Bruffs Bark

Spottiswoode Road

I have known Hilary for a couple years now and her ability to greet and befriend any dog always amazes me. Her patience with animals is something to behold. Having taken on Rhu and Skye (a rescue) she has done great work retraining them and giving them a happy home.

She is a very confident and knowledgeable dog walker and I've have personally seen her stop other dogs from misbehaving with her own dogs on many occasions. Both her dogs have been awarded the Bronze Kennel Club and she dedicates a lot of effort to her own reading and research on dog behaviour and training.

I don't think you could find another dog walker more ready to take a dog out in ANY kind of weather, rain, wind or snow. Hers is a service I thoroughly recommend.

Paul Eckersley

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