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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Skye, Rhu and wee Buster

 Skye is a very special young lady she came to me last March 2010, she was 13lbs scared hungry and very abused. Now she is happy healthy and not so scared. She still is wary of other dogs, but it is like when kids go to school they are all ballsy but nout in it. Skye has come on leaps and bounds and I have to say better behaved than Rhu sometimes.
My darling Rhu, this young lady arrived at the door on August 12th 2009. She had been trained as a Guide Dog- you would never have guessed it now! Rhu has the tendency to tell you what she thinks and if you do not agree then more fool you!

She was my savour, she put meaning back into my life after my younger brother died suddenly and our ( Euan and my) dog Rhum died 5 months after Euan.

They all give me so much pleasure that people don't really get a look in. :)

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