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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dogs in the house!

I have been given the responsibility of looking after 2 dogs 5 days a week from early morning to 6.30pm each night.  Lennox, is a 7 year old Doberman and Diesel is a 9 year old Staffy.  I pick them up in the morning and they come to mine for their breakfast and dinner.

At the moment I am working with Lennox for his barking,chasing bikes, rucksacks, hats really whatever he feels as a threat, he will bark, pull, strain and generally stress himself out. 

Dobermans are built and programmed to defend.  If you don't let the Doberman know who the boss is,  they will walk all over you. They have to feel secure, you have to be able to show them that you are the leader and they will follow.

Working with Lennox is great, he is a smart boy, but because he has got away with so much he thinks he can push me around-  BIG OOPS on his part.

Breaking his usually reactions has been going well. Giving  him the opportunity to make the right decisions when he is out and not getting stressed when dealing with any of his HATES helps him relax when walking.

My girls are great when they have friends in there houseI do not let any barking, growling or food stealing in my house. If a doggie comes to mine they go home better, happy and educated.

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