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Thursday, 15 September 2011


The summer has left us....what summer I hear you say - I would agree. As during the summer I had to go and buy more WET GEAR.

It has not stopped my charges and me getting out in the rain and wind - they love it!

Possum and Jess are making so much progress.  Barking, pulling, returing and playing well with other dogs has gone really really well.

Possum with her ball, and Jess with her "good boy toy"

Jess had the real problem of barking when her owner left her in the house. Now, over the last couple of weeks I have taken Jess and ran her ragged. The barking has stopped, unless you go to the door. She has a routine, and understanding of words now. It is great to see her chilled going into her house and looking forward to having a rest.  Before it was a nightmare trying to get her on the lead getting her to understand to go to the toilet outside, this little lady is a smart little thing and the shine that is in her eyes makes all her hard work  happy.

Wee Jess out and about playing.

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