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Friday, 29 June 2012

Tic Tac Weather

All this rain is NOT great. It can be hellish to dry your dogs all the time and also the check for Ticks. Rain, humidity and sun shine is best combination for these wee blighters.

I was checking Rhu and Skye after they had been playing in the long green grass and what did Queen Rhu have sticking out of her leg? A massive Tick. They are easy to deal with if you have tweezers or the 'tick remover' - any shop, chemist or large supermarket should have the removers. It usually comes with the two twisters to remove the tick.

If your dog does have a tick, keel calm, give the doga biscuit to get them relaxed and then get that evil blood sucking Tick off! If only there was such a thing as a 'George Osbourne remover'!

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