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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Queen Rhu in Charge

We had great fun this Sunday when I took my two, Rhu and Skye out with Simon's wee family of Abbey, Wilf and Maggie (aka Eigg). We played with all five for over an hour and properly tired them out!

It may seem ambitious but it is actually very easy to get five dogs to play at the same, but if you have separate games for each of them its a doddle. Rhu loves chasing after a stick, Skye is hooked to her frisbee and Abbey, Wilf and wee Maggie (aka Eigg) have their own separate balls they love to chase and carry. Maggie (aka Eigg) is so smart, I have seen a real change in her the more work/play is done with her.

At the end of the afternoon once we were about to head home, my two started their racing chariot, which looked so much fun to the wee family, but they were too tired (and small to join in)!

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