Bruff's Bark Blog: Two Little Stars!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Two Little Stars!

Child's Play! I love it when I got get really responsible kids who want to learn something different. Moby's sister Rosy (the girl with Rhu) and her best friend Rebecca (the girl with Skye) came out with me on the Queen's Jubliee to do something fun and educational.

These girls only needed to be shown once and they understood the commands, which made working with Rhu and Skye much easier. Rhu and Skye know what they need to do and help the person at the other end of the lead do it. By working with my girls, these girls will be able to work with Moby - understanding is the key.

 I am happy to take owners, friends, and family out with my dogs. Introducing new and fun training is the way forward, if you can keep a child and animal amused you have cracked it!

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