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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bath Time!

Washing a dog can be a big task and I don't do it for everyone but Wilf has complete trust in me and his long matted hair has been in much need of a wash. However when drawing a bath for him Abbey and Eigg were very inquisitive as to what was going on so I gave wee Eigg a bath first. She stood still and was wonderfully patient about it. It's probably her first bath and she definitely enjoyed the wash and the attention

When it came time for Wilf's turn he was very obliging and the dirt that came out of his hair was... well, there was A LOT. But he stood there and took it like a man! In the end he was a much happier cleaner gentleman. Giving your dog a wash is all about presenting it to them as an enjoyable experience.

I draw a shallow bath of warm water so they have something nice to stand in and then I wash them with the shower head (Wilf got a shampoo but Eigg didn't as she's still very young and not that dirty). Reassuring them with my voice keeps them calm and as long as you don't get stressed or annoyed your dog should go along happily with a bath.

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