Bruff's Bark Blog: Wee Man Baxter & Big Boy Moby

Monday, 30 July 2012

Wee Man Baxter & Big Boy Moby

Moby has come on leaps and bounds, he loves a good play. I have been taking him to different places and so he has been making new friends, smelling new smells and walking different streets. Taking dogs out of their comfort zone (their territory) can change their behaviour - if they trust you they'll understand it's a good thing and enjoy themselves.

It does help when you have a dog that is set in a walk and as behaviour on that walk is to change. Moby has learnt that behaving well gets treats and praise. He also has learnt that naughty behaviour gets him put on the lead and taken away from him friends or whatever he was interested in. Moby has become more relaxed, not as defensive on walks and this is due to exposing him to different situations and environments. Getting him to make friends properly with other dogs has been a success story I'm really enjoying and Moby and Baxter here get on so well.

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