Bruff's Bark Blog: Wee Family Comes For a Stay

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wee Family Comes For a Stay

This past week I have had the wee family of Wilf, Abbey and Eigg come stay with me while their daddy Simon has been away on holiday. They have been absolutely fabulous for their stay and its been a real pleasure having them as house guests. Boarding is a service I offer and we are very flexible with times and dates and my girls Rhu and Skye are very welcoming... but... the golden rule is that all doggies get along - and as you can see my Bruffs Bark pack has been a happy one! They're not always on my bed mind you - everybody has their own bed - but the sun bathing is best on mine.

Skye has been really great with Eigg this week - they always got on and Skye looks after all of her pals but having a puppy like Eigg puppy who is naturally sweet and curious has brought out a beautiful gentle side in Skye. Rhu doesn't get too involved with our guests but Skye loves friends staying over.

I have captured some great shots of the wee family and my two this past week. This one Wilf and Abbey is very sweet - it is rare for two dogs who have produced a litter to get to stay together but you can see here that there is genuine affection in the wee family.

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