Bruff's Bark Blog: An unlikely Friendship

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

An unlikely Friendship

We have known for years that dogs whilst gentle most times, they will follow their prey drive and chase other animals.

But as you know a few of the Bruff's Bark Band have been introduced to a - sometimes unsocial - rabbit known as Thumper. Great care has always been taken during these times but there was a breakthrough with our Winston.

Last time they met, Winston wasn't too unsure of what to do with Thumper and just stayed away. But when they met again, Winston again stayed upstairs rather than feel glare of a rabbit.

Until later in the night when Thumper made a surprise visit upstairs to Winston and from there on a friendship was born!

What's that?

It's getting closer!

Oh, why hello there old chap!

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