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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Before we say it...

We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support this year, without it there would be no Bruff's Bark. We will continue to improve and bring a better and bigger service.

We've had a great year with loads of new faces joining the Bruff's Bark Band and new adventures with all our dogs. But now we'll have a few days peace and be back in action on the 27th for a few days, there will be special training session on the 28th - we'll be taking New Year's Day off - then it's full steam ahead into the new year!

We hope none of the Band members get up to any naughty business over the seasonal period and that they'll be ready for us come the new year!

So we hope you all had a great and Merry Christmas!


Hilary, Tom, Addison, Jamie, Rachel, Paul and Rhu + Skye!

Merry Christmas from Thumper as well!

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