Bruff's Bark Blog: Puppies and Growing Up

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Puppies and Growing Up

We'll start off with Floyd and Ruby, these two have been growing up together and learning since they were old enough to get out the house and don't they know how to have fun!

Next up we'll have to two puppies, who have the energy to run a marathon: Scarlett and Alfie!

Scarlett has been in the Bruff's Bark Band nearly a year now - since she was a pup! - and Alfie has just recently joined the Band but is becoming friends with all the other members!

Finally, we have The Boys - Jack, Charlie and Marley - these three although no longer pups but still have show they know how to have fun. 

Marley being the youngest has grown up with the rest of the Bruff's Bark Band and Charlie has only recently joined as well but has already found his place and friends. Finally there is Jack, the oldest of The Boys - only 3 years old! -  and one of the longest serving members of the Band but can outrun anyone!.

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