Bruff's Bark Blog: It's the Easter Holidays!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

It's the Easter Holidays!

Which means some of the Bruff's Bark Band members are away on holiday unfortunately. So while we are a bit quieter, we will take this chance to show some faces that sometimes miss the spotlight!

Here we have Bertie with the usual group, joining the great fun of destroying toys!

Next, we have a dog that is also the master of camouflage, Chloe! She's got a lot bigger since that first time she stayed with the Girls!

Next up is a new face, a little black Labrador, who's name suits her very well, here's Bonnie!

Then there is the cheeky face of Yogi. He must be enjoying some of Addison's jokes!

Finally, here's a little man who will be joining Rhu and Skye for a stay over soon, it's Alfie!

Also we'd like to add that a calendar has been added to the Classes & Commands page with all the dates of when we have our Training Classes on. It will be constantly updated so always check when our next class is on!

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