Bruff's Bark Blog: An Action Packed Week!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

An Action Packed Week!

It's been quite a week even with the Easter Holidays!
Let's start with Alfie who enjoyed staying with Rhu and Skye!

Well it was a long, hard week.
Alfie made himself right at home with the Girls, got into their routine and enjoyed meeting more than he bargained for! As he's now got a new best friend, Maggie! These two balls of fluff, hit it off straight away and were  inseparable at times.

But after all the good times, there was nothing more rewarding that a good nap for Alfie.

Next up, we had a birthday party for a special little man, it was his first birthday party and everyone came to celebrate and get cake!

It was Rudi's birthday on Thursday and we made sure that everyone dressed the part as well though some were more willing than other to participate - Buster and Bertie thought their hats were quite tasty!

And once the cake was known to all, chaos ensued!

Finally, Addison got more than he bargained for and had Maggie come visit him - twice! She got to take over his house and enjoyed every second of it!

Trying to become one with carpet.

Becoming friends with the big teddy!

Exploring caves.

Though in the end it proved too much at times and like the rest, she just had a good sleep!

We hope you all have a nice Easter and we'll be back into full gear next week with the return of holidays going dogs!

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