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Sunday, 27 April 2014

This is Playtime!

The Bruff's Bark Band members are a very excitable bunch and can play rough but as you'll see it's all safe. We wouldn't let anything spoil a good run around with friends.

We've got a few clips together, starting with Bertie and Sophie - she's really coming out and enjoying every moment of it!
Then we have the Big Sisters: Tia and Rizzo joined by Midget and Maggie, showing size and age doesn't matter.
Finally, it's boy vs. girl, Bertie and Maggie, it's a test of endurance but full of joy!

We make sure that when our dogs play that they are safe and it's never let out of control. Playing should be a big part of a dog's life as it provides socialisation and exercise so we try to make sure all our dogs have a good time as much as possible - and here's the results!

Though a whole week of it can be a bit too much!

Don't want to get out of bed, mum.

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