Bruff's Bark Blog: It's the Summer Holidays!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

It's the Summer Holidays!

Which means business at Bruff's Bark is a bit quieter with a good lot of our dogs away for some time, but it doesn't mean we have been slacking!
Though the heat has proved sometimes a bit too much for the dogs recently! So here is some photos from the week of our dogs in the sun!

Merlin and Daphne having a little break
Next up it's Jack out in the park, chilling after a good play with the ball.

Then here's the silly face of Oscar, who had a really good walk in the sun but unfortunately couldn't move when he got home - had to bring the water bowl to him!

And here's big Red, enjoying a good lie down at the beach before heading home.

Though Red caught the attention of two lovely ladies, who started to follow him as he passed by but were happy to get their photo taken.

And finally but not at all least, here's the Girls - Rhu and Skye - enjoying some peace at Hotel Bruff before the next visitor turned up, Buster!


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