Bruff's Bark Blog: Wee Jess out and about.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Wee Jess out and about.

Today I took wee Jess out for a walk and a play and it was a great success.  Although the weather was roasting, we had a good run and play for an hour and a half.  Because of her breed she wants to run and run. She is very good on the lead.  Sometimes she is put in a harness, which is good for her breed as they are small they tend to  want to get somewhere fast and end up nearly garrotting themselves.

For a small dog she can drink - 1 1/2 ltrs of water.......although she did have some help from Buster.

Buster was having a hard day today, seeing as one of his parents was black and one was chocolate he should have melted. He was running like a mad thing and then putting his head in the water have got to love pups!

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  1. Jess looks like a happy hot dog... bet they're knackered now!