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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Best pals.

Today we had a good old run about. Rhu, Skye  and myself were out today with their best pal Monty now this boy is a 4 year old chocolate lab. He is full of mischief and fun. Rhu annoys the poor lad, trys to get him into trouble by picking up sticks chewing on them for a bit then letting Monty get caught with them... 

Now I have a toy which all the doggies love- I bought it for my girls, they however are more interested in the Frisbee ( Skye ) and  grass ( Rhu ) . Whereas Monty , Wee Jess, Buster, Levi and Reo all love this KONK well that's what I call it! It has been the best thing I could have bought, as you can see 3 doggies can get on it and have a good old pull!
Monty and the favorite toy!

Girls VS Boy.

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