Bruff's Bark Blog: Baby baby, she is back!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Baby baby, she is back!

And here she is back with me! Abbey!  This darling girl has been a bit naughty in the time she was a way from me- eating her daddys mattress and couch! Not so good.  Abbey cameback to me 2 weeks ago and the difference in her is considerable, she has learnt a new command "PLACE" which is great for rubbing her down after getting soaked, but also it is handy when you want her to sit somewhere specific.

So this little madam is back playing and learning.  Abbey doesn't like load noises or traffic so we have been taking trips across Ferry road to get to Inverlieth park.  Treats and pats and "good girl" have enabled this little lady to walk to heel across a busy road without stress.  Abbey is a great wee dog and my girls are fond of her.

Poor Abbey, for the last couple of trips out it has been raining! Not just a wee bit, the torrent that you come out of your house and you are wet by the time you get to the gate.  She has been a great wee sport though, she does enjoy a good old rub down when she gets back in from her adventures.

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