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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Double trouble, but in miniture!

Now these two little ladies are sisters. And they defiantly do it for themselves. They live in different houses and have been trained in somethings and not others.

My job was to make the transition from one house to the other easy for doggies and owner. Jess moved into  Possum's house last Saturday, it was a happy day for Jess. She is lonely wee girl, she likes to have people around,  cuddles or have her sister close.  Jess is an amazing wee thing, she just doesn't feel secure. 

That can be a real problem for wee doggies being left, wanting attention because they are small and cute we either give them too much or nothing at all. It has to be consistent when you wish to give it not when they bark jump or whine.

Having Possum as an influence has helped Jess with her toilet training, company and understanding of being indoors.

Possum is Jess's little sister she loves being out running for her ball, she was an easier case than Jess, but their were little thing that she is much better with now.  Barking and whining were here main bug bares.  This is an easy thing to fix just a wee noise and praise eventually the doggie gets it- if I am quiet I will get attention!

I have had these two out morning afternoon and evening - and it has been great.  They have learnt alot in the time I have had them, walking better on the leads, understanding "Busy"= Pee "Busy Busy"= Poo, recall and greeting other dogs.

Look who it is - Buster !!
We were all in the park together having a run jump and play, poor Buster had no chance the girls they ran rings round him it was a lot of fun to watch. Both girls had toys and Buster poor lad couldn't play with either, but the one I gave him wasn't what he wanted!

I have noticed that whatever the other have they want, it reminds me of kids " I want that one!"

This one is mine that one is yours!

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