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Thursday, 18 August 2011


I have been looking after two sisters Jess and Possum this week and I have had Abbey out as well. This was a fun day - again it was RAINING - Summer it is not!  So once again poor wee Abbey was soaked. She must see me and think - " wet again"

Although they were wet they had a great time. It is good to let dogs play and introduce themselves to others while they play. They are distracted, but if they have a toy try to get it before introductions as sometimes there can be a bit of a growl.

Abbey Jess and Possum all wanting the same ball


It is great fun watching these wee ones running about. Jess and Possum have a throw ball which they just stole from Abbey.
Having these three out at once is really good for their confidence and acceptance of other dogs.
After a good play these three were ready to do some work, they sit together, they go down together and they walk well together.

It always helps to have a good play before you do work with the dog, it shows you are fun and the dog becomes more responsive.

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