Bruff's Bark Blog: New boy in house!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New boy in house!

I haven't had chance over the last week to put on my doggies.

I have had a border for a few day  last week Zero.

Now my wee man who stayed with me last week was Zero, he was a skinny wee man but had the appetite of a horse!! Now this Whippet is 4 years old and is owned by Dr Galea and here husband another doctor- they live up Ravelston Dykes.  He arrived on Wednesday night and left us on Saturday night.  My girls were very upset and lonely. 
Skye had a great time, she had someone to run with chaise and cuddle. 

Rhu wasn't really that bothered, when he arrived she pottered lay on his bed and then went to her own.

The girls and Zero had the best couple of days they got to play with all their friends.

We also had Gorgeous George out and about in the park, having a run about. It was a contrast to see a Basset and a Whippet standing near each other. Not just body types, but the personality.

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