Bruff's Bark Blog: A show of Smiles!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A show of Smiles!

Yes, we've had some nice weather and with that comes happy dogs!
We'll start of with an older boy, who has been with us since near the beginning but is still full of energy and makes Addison work, here's Boomer!

Next up, we have a boy - with his lil' sister - who unfortunately had a infection in his eye for a while but is back in full health and full of energy, here's Merlin with Daphne!

No, they aren't that small, it's a very big ball!

Also here's a clip of him showing his happiness to be able to play again! - Daphne is just happy to sunbathe.

Then here's another little girl, who is full of beans for her favourite ball, it's Kari!

Finally, we'll round this up with a few more happy face, here's the regulars: Rhu, Skye and Winston!

Who's going to get the frisbee? No-one?

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