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Sunday, 4 May 2014

A new Face with a new Start!

We'd like to welcome a new member to the Bruff's Bark Band, but we have a tragic tale to tell before hand.

Courtesy of Any Dog 'il Do Rescue
This is Bobby*, he was rescued from Romania thanks to Any Dog 'il Do Rescue and he has a sad story being found in one of the public shelters there - which often means death for dogs - but thankfully he was taken out of the Public Shelter into proper care, where he was nursed to full health and given life saving surgery - his full story is here.

Now he's in Edinburgh, in the hands of a extremely caring couple and now going to spend the rest of his life in luxury and love. We are happy for his new start in life and we hope more people will look at saving dogs from shelters.

*He has happily been renamed Elmo!

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