Bruff's Bark Blog: More Smiles!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

More Smiles!

We'll continue with some more happy faces, starting with Jay! This happy girl is quite content with a good ol' walk but secretly loves playing with a ball.

Happy Jay!

Next up we have Elmo, who's getting quite settled in: he knows where home is, his park is and is quite happy to wander about and find out who's been beforehand!
He is also quite happy to play with Hilary, his new best pal!

Finally, we have another new face to introduce, this time it's Red!

He's a big boy at the age of 2, a labradoodle with tons of energy and a passion to play. He now has a new bestie, a little girl with a pretty name, Bonnie - they may be different sizes but she can show him who's the boss!

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