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Sunday, 25 May 2014

It's a Pug's Life!

We have another Pug - or as we have recently learned they are known as the Dutch Mastiff! - and he's a little young pup of 4 months!

Meet Frank!

This little man isn't afraid of anything or anyone and has happily made himself apart of the bigger dogs of the Bruff's Bark Band! We now have 5 Pugs - Winston, Rudi, Bertie, Basie and Frank - each with a different personality but full of energy and joy!

Pugs have been well known throughout history, the breed originating for China but becoming a well sought after dog by royalty in Europe in the 16th Century onwards.

Enough Pug business - for now - we have had some more sleepovers recently, starting with Cara, who is with Rhu and Skye at the moment. So she has been meeting some new doggy friends whilst on her little holiday from home.

So here is her new pals: Hugo, Maggie, Midget and Sophie.

And after some playing -  like rest of the dogs who stay over - Cara is ready for a good nap! 

But with all of the dogs in Bruff's Bark, we do love them and sometimes they show us affection back.


And finally here's another stay over, this time it's Oscar, who join Thumper for the night!


This is my bed right?

 And sometimes even the dogs have one of those mornings where they don't want to wake up!

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