Bruff's Bark Blog: Hotel Bruff is Booming!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hotel Bruff is Booming!

We've just had Buster stay over with the Girls and before he's even checked out, Maggie has checked in! But let's recap on some the events of the week!

Let's start with Buster who was with the Girls mainly but did meet a little man who's taken a great liking to Buster, it's Travis! This young pup is a happy little man who just wants to learn an
d be friends with everyone.

Awww kisses!

And of course Buster's stay over would not be complete without some photos of him happily chilling!


Yes, it was a tiring day!

Next up we have a collection of clips of the 'West Side' Gang; starring Yogi, Ruby & Floyd and Red!

Floyd sometimes like to hog all the toys!

Finally, we've got a new face to introduce: he's big, bouncy and 100% fun; here's Floyd! He may be nearly 2 years old - a young adult in Dog years - but he's still a puppy at heart!

He's already ready to play!
And what better way to show him in action than with him and Skye and one squeaky ball!

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